(ベクタ、ラスタ形式どちらでも結構です。A4 サイズ 150dpi 以上。)
First, please send us the design data; either vector or raster format. A4 size, 150dpi or larger.
データから織物⽤データ作成(1~2 ⽇)
We will convert the received data to the data for weaving.
(Required time: one to two days)
ジャカード織機で試織(最適な織組織で仕上げます。7 ⽇)
We will weave a sample piece with a Jacquard weaver with the most appropriate composition.
(Required time: seven days)
We will send you the sample piece. Please check if it suites your needs.
If you find the sample acceptable, we will discuss the delivery time, price, payment schedule etc. The price and the delivery time will vary depending on the density of the ordered fabric.